Nearly half of employees who accept an offer letter do not show up on the day

Prashant Pitti, co-founder of EaseMyTrip caused an international debate when he last week publicly outed an employee who accepted an offer letter at his company and did not show up.

Well-known Shark Tank (aka ‘Dragon’s Den’) panelist and serial billion-dollar businessman Ashneer Grover backed Prashant up. Read the story here.

According to Prashant: “Then I asked the HR dept to check how often this happens, where the employee accepted the offer-letter, confirmed that he/she will join, but did not: it was astonishing 42% of the time.”

Prashant and the thousands who commented on his Twitter and LinkedIn posts were asking the same question: ‘someone please solve this hiring issue’.

We have!

Employers can now record employees’ dates of joining on and, if they didn’t join on the contracted day, then they can write a review of the employee on which sits as an add-on directly on their LinkedIn profile.

They then have several options:

  • State categorically on the review that the person didn’t show up.
    Answer the question ‘Joining formalities were performed satisfactorily’ as ‘No’
    Leave out the answer. The latter answers the question by omission.

There are many other hiring issues that Blaber is resolving and this is great news for those employees that want to stand out by being verified.

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