LinkedIn gets more cringeworthy by the day

linkedin fake post

LinkedIn is a temple for nauseating humble-bragging and it’s getting worse! Inspirational rags-to-riches and identical motivational encounters were posted yet again, almost word-for-word. ‘So proud to share’ and ‘Beyond excited to be at’ posts of employees trying to polish their latest corporate event. CEOs having Damascene transformations from their child’s innocent remark (‘give him a chance daddy’) test our gag reflex. Yet we appear to believe them and are even moved by them.

“Every like is for support”, posts Michael D Oliver of Fiducia Partners who know well that the image of the easy-on-the-eye ‘Ukrainian women of war’ comes from an entirely unrelated 2021 article “Can You Marry A Female Soldier?”. 333,000 users of LinkedIn ‘liked’ this lie.

'Ukrainian women of war'

We draw inspiration from Josh who lived in a storage unit in LA and now he’s fabulously rich. In his words he ‘made sh*t happen’ and we should ‘do whatever it takes.

Josh Ostrovoky Post

Michelle Thomas’s comments under Mac Schlesinger’s post summed up the general response to his LinkedIn post well: ‘What an absolute disgrace of a human ?’. Not the response Mac was hoping for when he shoehorned news of his corporate event into the main news story of the day.

Mac Schlesinger’s post

Brigette ‘liked’ a post from someone looking for a job. 300,000 views of that post later there were only 2 job interviews. If you’re going to make up a humblebrag, do it properly Brigette.

Brigette Hyacinth post

Jordan Belfort, best known for stealing $200 million from investors and spending 22 months in prison, can’t resist humblebragging that he didn’t quite make ‘one million a week’. As one LinkedIn user put it: ‘A bit like a bank robber who is pissed because they couldn’t fit all of the bank’s cash in the duffel bags that they brought!’

Jordan Belfort Post

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